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For quality in international collection services there’s nobody like TCM.

Money knows no borders, Neither do we.

p-icon Delivering quality international collection services in a complex global economy is no easy matter. That’s why, at TCM, quality takes priority. Always. This is not just our motto or our mission, but part of the very fabric of who we are. And who we are is what we do—namely, provide you with international collection services that are unmatched on the global credit management market in terms of client value and client satisfaction.

So quality collection services means that you are not only assured value for your money but that we make every effort to ensure your money will continue to have value—by being returned to you.

Here are some of the concrete ways in which our quality assurance is an integral part of how we conduct our daily operations. We always:

  • Engage in clear agreements with you—the client;
  • Promptly notify you of receipt of files and indicate any actions undertaken;
  • Clearly and factually pass information on to you on your international collection case as it develops;
  • Do our utmost to collect your money and reduce your Daily Sales Outstanding;
  • Immediately inform you of amounts collected;
  • Promptly and securely transfer your recouped monies;
  • Conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • Ensure our specialists are kept on their toes by providing them with ongoing professional training (including employee training and mandating active membership of national and international trade associations); and
  • Make sure you know the meaning of ‘customer care’, especially after sales meetings.

International Collection Services—Quality Through Performance

Just as important an indicator of how seriously we take quality assurance is the TCM annual survey, in which all TCM Offices are evaluated by other members of the Group. From these peer-based nominations, the Group defines and appraises individual collection strategies, gives recommendations for refinement to each TCM Office, and issues quality awards for the highest-performing Offices.

That quality always takes priority in everything we do is also evidenced both in the rigorous vetting programmes we have in place for applicant members and in the close working relationships maintained between individual Offices. Only the best of the best pass the bar of our exacting quality controls to achieve and retain member status. Only through seamless integration of expertise and experience, fostered in mandatory periodic and annual meetings, can we deliver the international debt collection performance levels you deserve.

Lastly, our quality assurance is grounded in the uncompromising pragmatism of a ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy on services: If we do not deliver, we do not get paid.

Nobody can take care of your money like TCM.