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Probably the best worldwide debt collection network around.

Money knows no borders, Neither do we.

p-iconTo be number 1 in worldwide debt collection and recovery; to reverse the culture of tardy receivables payment in international trade.

Worldwide Debt Collection—TCM’s Mission

To safeguard the health of your business’s cash flow—and your business relations—by leveraging local debt collection expertise together with specialist knowledge in worldwide debt collection, cross-border receivables recovery, and international credit reporting—for all economic zones, all client types, all debt sizes.

To provide premier quality services in worldwide debt collection and global credit management—with integrity, cost-effectiveness, and best results.

Over a quarter of century’s experience in worldwide debt recovery has taught TCM the value of turning local expertise to global account. This is why we fervently believe that local partners with global savvy are the most suitable entities to tackle the complex worldwide debt collection challenges you face.

In creating a global debt collection network, our mission has therefore been to protect the health of your cash flow by tapping into such global-local, or ‘glocal’ debt collection savvy. Together, our global team of local debt collectors—168 offices in 145 countries—is one of the most powerful and effective international debt collection instruments on the market.

And because our bottom line depends on our success in collecting your money, we see it as our mission to develop and maintain the best possible environment for success. We do our utmost therefore to ensure our members provide you with services that exhibit industry-leading quality, standard-setting ethical practices, and best optimum results.

We couldn’t be more passionate about recovering your debts—quickly, professionally, ethically.

Worldwide Debt Collection—Creating an Environment of Success

To create an environment of success in worldwide debt collection, TCM Group develops and maintains the following:

  • A coherent network of offices that offer outstanding professionalism based on the highest degree of integrity and ethical behaviour as well as the highest quality in domestic and worldwide collection and remittance processes;
  • Exacting quality controls such as the Group’s AGM that regulate the delivery of services at each contact point and that make sure
    1. 1. the Group’s affiliates perform to the highest standards to achieve membership status and
    2. 2. the Group’s members continue to perform to the highest standards in order to retain their membership status;
  • An atmosphere of flexibility, confidence, and mutual dedication to the client and the network, based on
    1. 1. the commitment of each member to offer, at all times, the best possible service to the client, the Group, and the Group’s affiliates;
    2. 2. regular, systematic, useful and professional communication between the Group member and the client, between the Group’s members/affiliates and its management, at the Group’s AGM, and through any other means available; and
    3. 3. the timely handling of possible problems or conflicts in accordance with fixed, mutually agreed upon rules and policies.

TCM Group is a non-for-profit organization that is self-financing through membership fees collected from individual members and affiliates.