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Delivering quality in international debt management services is our Group managers’ highest priority.

Debt recovery solutions through local presence.

p-icon Our Group managers’ ethos and goal can be summed up in three words: quality, quality, quality. This is why the focus of the AGM is the maintenance of strict quality standards and the continuous improvement of all our international debt collection services.

A big part of our yearly meeting is the appraisal of Network quality at the office-level. We also put great store in strengthening personal relationships—the nucleus of the TCM global family and the driving force behind the success of the recovery process—among Group members.

Each year the latest in industry ideas, trends, strategies, and techniques are put on the table for integration into our ever-evolving suite of services. Each year personal bonds between Group members grow stronger, with participation in recreational activities a standard feature of each meeting.

And yet our agility and flexibility to move with the times will always be tempered by hard-won experience in what works best. Times and methods change, yes, and we change with them. But our overall objective remains the same—to ensure that we deliver best optimum results and that you receive best quality services.

Optimal Performance through Effective Communication

TCM Group International assembles exceptional debt recovery professionals from all over the world into a unified team. We believe a team’s performance is only as good as its communication is effective—a key reason why managers of TCM Group Offices come from around the globe to meet at least once every year.

AGM 2018 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
AGM 2017 – Warsaw, Poland
AGM 2016 – Dubai, UAE
AGM 2015 – Florence, Italy
AGM 2014 – Santiago, Chile
AGM 2013 – Beijing, China
AGM 2012 - Los Angeles, USA
AGM 2011 – Prague, Czech Republic
AGM 2010 – Delhi, India
AGM 2009 – Reykjavik, Iceland
AGM 2008 – Cairo, Egypt
AGM 2007 - Rio de Jainero, Brazil
AGM 2006 – Budapest, Hungary
AGM 2005 – Johannesburg, South Africa
AGM 2004 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
AGM 2003 – Dublin, Ireland
AGM 2002 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
AGM 2001 - Las Vegas, USA
AGM 2000 – Melbourne, Australia
AGM 1999 – Qingdao, China
AGM 1998 – Oslo, Norway