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Our global credit and collections services put your short- and long-term cash flow needs first.

It is better to know us and not need us than need us and not know us.

p-icon Can’t find solutions to your global credit and collection problems? Are your outstanding foreign receivables slowly turning toxic? Suffering from high DSO numbers and negative cash flow? Daunted by the prospect of dealing with a foreign culture, unfamiliar legal systems, varying time zones, exchange rates? Then it is time to enlist the services of one of the world’s most effective and most respected global credit and debt collection agencies—TCM Group.

A cardinal rule for any business is that if your cash cannot flow, your business cannot grow. Cash is the oxygen that keeps your business alive. Without it, it perishes. That’s why it is so important that you recover your debts, collect on accounts receivable, and still maintain healthy customer relationships.

With TCM Group’s highly efficient global network of debt collection professionals driving the management of your accounts, there are no geographical, logistical or cultural obstacles to recouping the money that you are rightfully owed.

And because we put the highest premium on ethical and fair debt collection practices (see our Code of Compliance), you can be sure that any collection action we undertake will preserve your business reputation and the health of your customer relations.

Global Leverage | Local Service

With offices in 145 countries, TCM Group has the international reach to facilitate the recovery of your money—wherever your debtor may be located. But while our capacity for recovery is global, your personal point of contact will always be a friendly and accessible professional account manager in your locality.

Your local TCM Group Office will liaise with the TCM affiliate in closest proximity to your debtor. Together, they will initiate an informed, unified and effective strategy for recovery of your outstanding accounts. Utilizing specialist knowledge of the local laws, language, and culture, the TCM affiliate optimizes its capacity to collect on accounts in a swift, amicable and unencumbered manner.

Our global alliance eradicates the many difficulties that may be present for agencies attempting to recover debt in foreign countries without the support network that provides direct contact with debtors and in-depth knowledge of the local jurisdiction and culture. One of the strengths of our network is that our representatives are local to you—the client—and the debtor. National borders, languages, and customs are no hindrance to our international collection efforts.

Our Rates

TCM’s rates are highly competitive with commission paid on successful recovery of monies.

Location Services

TCM Group also offers world-best services in skip tracing and asset and delinquent debtor location. Our ability to locate debtors wherever they may seek refuge is unparalleled among agencies and is naturally an important part of our suite of services.