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Our legal debt collection experts have the knowledge and experience to recover your money if amicable collection efforts fail.

It is better to know us and not need us than need us and not know us.

p-icon Cross-border legal debt collection can end up being a messy, time-consuming and costly undertaking, especially if you are dealing with a foreign legal system whose language and complexity you are finding difficult to understand.

This is where TCM comes in.

In cases where you—or your collection representative—have exhausted every possible means of amicable debt resolution, we can take legal action to make your debtor meet its obligations.

After first consulting with you, we initiate a prudent and cost-effective course of legal action by drawing upon the local points of contact and the specialized local and transnational knowledge that our global network allows.

As with standard debt collection suits, half the battle is won by having intimate knowledge of the local court system and ready proficiency in the local debt collection laws. Our local teams of seasoned court litigators not only have this knowledge and proficiency; they have at their disposal the requisite forensic and advocacy skills to bring your case to successful conclusion.

You Will Always Be Fully Informed of Costs

Legal costs are calculated in accordance with the standard local court scales. Your TCM representative will make sure that you are fully informed of all costs before each stage of litigation begins and that you are completely aware of all possible outcomes.

This guarantees that you are always in a position of full knowledge regarding every aspect of your suit and can make clear and informed decisions on the most expedient and cost-effective steps to take.