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Discover 5 reasons why TCM delivers superior international debt collection services.

It is better to know us and not need us than need us and not know us.

1. TCM delivers superior collection services because, since its founding, it has stood for quality at every stage of the international debt collection process: from solicitation of services and handling of debtor contact to amicable or court settlement and completion of debt collection via secure electronic transfer of funds.


2. TCM delivers superior collection services because it operates on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. If we do not generate hard cash for you, our bottom line suffers.


3. TCM delivers superior collection services because it knows the value of fair debt collection practices—their value to maintaining our reputation for excellence and professionalism and the health of your business relations and therefore your bottom line. We have been pioneers over the past quarter of a century in the ‘soft but firm’ approach to debt collection, turning your debtor’s willingness to pay to account.


4. TCM delivers superior collection services because it maintains and develops a carefully selected and proven network of quality credit management specialists and debt recovery agents. Our success is the result of solid relationships between individual Group members, leading collection companies and specialized law firms in their own right.


5. TCM delivers superior debt collection services because it ensures network cohesion by requiring Group members to participate in annual meetings as a condition for retaining their membership status. This means that all referrals are backed up by a chain of well-established personal relationships.

What’s In It For You?

Superior services from our global network means that your case will be handled with the same level of utmost professionalism, care, and thoroughness—no matter where you, your debtor, or your money is located. As a result of our hard-won superiority promise, you are assured quality services that are tailored to suit your individual needs on a case-by-case basis.